Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Alas, my winter vacation in the sticks is coming to a close. I'm sad but also anxious to get home to civilization. I'll miss lounging around in my sweatpants all day,reading my book and getting up only to stuff my face or let the dogs out and in, out and in. Occasionally I'd switch which room I was lounging in, you know, just to keep things interesting. I talk about how I'd just love to never have anything to do, but really... I'd probably lose my mind. That settled in yesterday afternoon. To keep myself entertained, I decided to torture the dogs by video taping them. Then I thought I'd share them with you. You're welcome.

Before we start, a few things:
1. Yes, I'm wearing a tie dyed shirt. I have had it since college and I love it, so suck it.
2. Yes, I talk to animals like they are babies. Because they are.
3. These videos are pretty boring unless you enjoy motion sickness and dogs walking around and sniffing my crotch. If do enjoy these things, you are in for a treat.